Volume 7, Issue 27 part 2, Autumn 2018

Global System and its Impact on International Organization (Problems and Treatments)

Sadam. M.Atia

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2018, Volume 7, Issue Issue 27 part 2, Pages 1-42

After studying the world political system and its impact on the outputs of the international organization, and addressing the most important problems and challenges facing the international organization and its various stages through the adoption of a rigorous scientific approach to identify the basic methods and strategies to correct the political tracks of the international organization, especially as there is imbalance in the balance of international forces, Which in turn has led to an impact on the nature and impartiality of international organization.The increasing impact of international policies on the outcomes of the international organization has become a major and serious threat to international peace and security, which is a major challenge that requires serious handling to avoid the occurrence of security and political disasters that are beginning to show signs. Moreover, small countries are experiencing security crises Political and economic, and there is a set of evidence and data confirms the aggravation of these problems and crises and the escalation of their impact and the possibility of the explosion of many of them in different parts of the world, Which may threaten the international peace and security, so the problems facing international organization need to unite the international community to deal with the crises and to achieve the basic purpose of the establishment of the international organization, to maintain international peace and security for all countries of the world small and large, An interconnected world and ease of communication and movement also facilitated terrorist operations, so the dominant powers of the global decision must move to correct their course.

The effect of indirect public formalism on the effectiveness of the contract

Zeni. Q.Latif; Abdulaa .T.Aial

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2018, Volume 7, Issue Issue 27 part 2, Pages 43-111

Most legislations have always sought to secure the stability of transactions, to preserve the rights arising therefrom, to prevent their denial or to attempt fraud, fraud and fraud, resulting in the loss of these rights and funds as well as the emergence of disputes to prove them. So that it can not be denied later.Public formalism is often an indirect formality required by the legislator to enter into contracts or to produce their effects in a certain way. This is what we will explain in two parts, the first of which is to explain terms of formality, while the second is to overlook the effects of indirect public formalism on the effectiveness of the contract .

Termination of Disciplinary Punishment by Erasure (Comparative Study)

Hassan.A .ALtaaie

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2018, Volume 7, Issue Issue 27 part 2, Pages 112-166

Since the disciplinary sanctions imposed on the employee is a serious matter affecting the employee in his career and even have implications related to the future and livelihood, it was necessary to impose a set of controls that achieve the purpose and to attribute the wisdom to which it started to achieve the benefit of management and adequacy to improve the functioning of the system on the other hand and to give the employee sufficient guarantees that reach a fair penalty, which corresponds to the magnitude of the violation committed without injustice. The legislator, for his part, has felt the impact of disciplinary punishment on the employee, especially if the duration of the duration and the effects of the effects of it, and because of the impact on the frustration of the employee and killed the spirit of creativity within it, which reflected negatively on the public function and image reflective of the state, so as not to remain a sword on the neck of the public official, the legislator then returned to show reasons, if available, it leads to the expiration of the disciplinary punishment imposed on the employee, and may return the order of these reasons in some cases to the administration and (erasure or cancellation as called in Iraqi law) Effects of punishment Libya specifically for the future of public employee and could cast a shadow in this area, and from this point of our choice came to the subject of our research (expiry of disciplinary sanctions by erasure - a comparative study).

The importance of forensic evidence

Shaima. Z.Mohammad

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2018, Volume 7, Issue Issue 27 part 2, Pages 167-195

The criminal evidence is one of the important scientific department in the administration of justice through the establishment of physical evidences to be removed from the scene of denial or proof as criminal evidence is the main evidence in cases with police or the investigation and prosecution and the courts according to the site name of the crime scene and that all the competent authorities to its role in recording the presidents on the perpetrators where lies In the relationship with the interrogation commission and the public prosecution to prove crime and its relation to its perpetrators, thus faciliting the investigation procedures. There must be modern means of preserving criminal evidence depends and commitment not to tamper with so as not to mix the impact of the offender with the impact of the household or prying citizens. This does not help to uncover the culprit correctly, fast and sound. The criminal evidence has contributed to the detection of many cases, especially with regard to the terrorists operations that are achieved in proving the causes to their users through DNA and the effects of their fingerprints on the weapons used in the theaters of accidents in addition to the role of modern devices used during the investigation of the face fingerprints .

Non-financial shareholder's equity in joint stock companies (comparative study)

Amira. J.Sharif

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2018, Volume 7, Issue Issue 27 part 2, Pages 196-230

This study dealt with the topic of the non-financial shareholder's rights in the joint stock company in the Iraqi legislation and the comparative legislations, by presenting those rights which concern the interests of the shareholders and affect them and affected them, so it was natural for them to have the laws of companies the opportunity to have the final word in managing their affairs in general association, the shareholders of this association consider the conditions and fate of the company.The participation of the shareholder in the general Association meeting of the company should be achieved through the right to attend the meeting, whether it is an genuine attendance, as well as participating in the deliberations of the general association, presenting questions and questioning the members of the board of directors and through voting which is the main means to ensure the shareholder to participate actively in decisions relating with it .The main focus of this study was to demonstrate the importance of the non-financial rights of the shareholders and to determine what they are and how to exercise them in view of the weakness surrounding these rights and the lack of awareness of several shareholders of their importance.This study it was based on the Basic Law of Iraqi Companies, with comparison with other laws, in order to take support of its ideas related to the topic, in order to determine the extent of regulation and legal protection of these rights. The negligence of the shareholder's exercise of his non-financial rights will result in the loss of the protection prescribed by law.

Ruling on the gift attached to the sale contract (comparative study)

Fathi. A.Alabdaly

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2018, Volume 7, Issue Issue 27 part 2, Pages 231-263

Every merchant became a legal person or a real promoter of his goods types of propaganda until they reached the point that they arranged to sell types of gifts to the buyer and competition to the market, and these gifts do not come out of either a gift or unknown, what is the ruling on these gifts? What is the legal and legitimate rule? What if the gift was the motivation to contract and perished after the contract and before delivery? Who is responsible for the loss? Is it permissible for the buyer to ask the seller for a gift that serves as the gift that was destroyed or not? What if the contract that included the gift was canceled and the situation returned to what it was before the contract, can the seller ask the buyer to return the gift as well?

State obligation to compensate victims of errors resulting from the activity of public medical facilities

Waled.M .ALmakhzomi; Maher. F.Salh

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2018, Volume 7, Issue Issue 27 part 2, Pages 264-302

ABSTRACT :It depends Upon The Shoulder Of State Throught Its Public Medical Institution To Stand Up Of Public Helth Require Meents To Provide It For Citizens On Correct Way . But Like Other Public Institution It May Commit Mistake Which Causes Damages For Beneficiaries OF This Institution. Then It Stands To Compensent This Damage For Those Victims, And Its Reponsiblity Will Decide According To What It Reachs To It The Opinions, And Developed On State Reponsiblity As General.

Future of the Arab National Security Under International Challenges and Non-state Actors after 2003

Salah. I. Hamad; Abdulkhaliq . SH. Mohammed

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2018, Volume 7, Issue Issue 27 part 2, Pages 303-335

The Arab region witnessed several repercussions due the wave of change that affected the political systems in 2011, and International Challenges affected directly the nature of the international relations in the region after the Arab powers removed the regional balance equation, especially after the control of non-state on large areas of land in which led to a state of chaos, political instability and security chaos that directly affected the sovereignty of the Arab countries and threatened the future of its existence and national security.