Keywords : Commission in Iraq

Judicial control of the decisions of the Independent High Electoral Commission in Iraq


Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2016, Volume 5, Issue 19 part 2, Pages 228-255


Ancient civilization's known the phenomenon of election which vary in its content and comprehensiveness , who is eligible to participate in this elections ,as well as the validity of the emerging councils to talk about control the election . monitor the election through judiciary could support the voters satisfaction in the fairness of this election , moreover, other types of monitoring do so, such as international monitoring ,civil society organizatons monitoring or politician parties or public view supervision ,The fairness of election can be evaluated through adherenc e of behavior rules ,laws and instructions .Never the less,who affected by the decisions of higher independent electoral committee has aright to appeal in these decisions. Appealing going to be in front of electoral judiciary committee which its decision can not be appealed any more .
Inorder to cover the judiciary moni toring issue on election and how its rule the dicisions of higher independent electoral committee, we decide to devide the search into three parts, the first one is dedicated to denote what is the judiciary monitoring and its advantages while the second is indicate to the specialized side which care about election appeals. Lastly , the third part of the search about authority of election committee as well as the judiciary role to ratifying the final election results . then the conclusion includes some results and suggestions at the end of the search.