Keywords : The legal system of disarmamen

The legal system of disarmament of weapons of mass destruction in the light of public international law

Abd Al Sattar Hussein Jumaili

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2013, Volume 2, Issue 4, Pages 255-297

In light of the perception of early seriousness of weapons of mass destruction, and the consequent use of losses and pain indescribable, it has crystallized the efforts of international law branches different set of norms and conventions and treaties global, regional and bilateral to reduce this risk, formed by its principles and rules of the legal system to disarm these weapons. But in spite of the crystallization of this system and عمومیته, but it has not been implemented according to the legal standard objectively to all states, but has controlled this application of double standards as an expression of the balance of power and domination by the major powers, especially America, which has dominated the structure of the international system and the balance of power in it after the end of cold War and tried every means, including the occupation, the imposition of the application of this system in accordance with the standards and interests, what imposes a concerted legal and humanitarian efforts in order to put an end to this imbalance in the application of international law and international legitimacy in general.