Keywords : transitional justice

The scope of international crimes covered by the transitional justice and constraints applied

Ibrahim .Sh. Mahmoud. al-Jubouri

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2014, Volume 3, Issue 8, Pages 286-319

Justice has become urgent topic , and is no longer seen as the accountability of individual narrow , but it is the responsibility of the community , especially after the emergence of the idea of the international protection of the rights and should be guaranteed access to international justice desired and are not materialize once the feeling or sympathy moral but requires a Solutions material procedural exceptional through the mechanisms of judicial and non-judicial and specifically in societies undergoing transition periods as they deal with large waves of crimes of an international character and gross violations of human rights, political ,civil, economic, social and cultural as well as where there is peace and the rule of law .
And lies the importance of research in that it addresses the subject of transitional justice and the most important characteristics and the subject of international crimes covered by the transitional justice , as well as its scope of application as well as the constraints applied and which is one of the emerging themes in the international arena and overshoot of great importance in the scope of public international law they relate to international law human rights and international humanitarian law and international criminal law and it is one of the important paragraphs to activate a global human rights issues .
Transitional Justice modern term began hesitate widely in the Arab countries that have been able to take their people from systems characterized by tyranny and oppression , corruption or both.
And contemporary trends based on the fact that in a country that has suffered armed conflicts , or the rule of despotic regimes and repressive must be followed by the end of that conflict , or the demise of these systems Taker principles of transitional justice , which are mainly based on documented serious violations of human rights committed in the right of citizens and in the right home and other forms of abuse of power and reveal what they are and inform their citizens as well as to hold accountable those responsible for such violations and abuses and purge state institutions who are involved in the commission of serious crimes and abuses with the reform of these institutions in order to prevent recurrence of such violations with comeuppance for justice to the victims and their eligibility or Tkhalaad their memory and the development of programs for the rehabilitation and integration of those who are alive of them as well as the reconciliation between the spectra of different people.