Keywords : liberal order

Modernist and political role in the development of liberal political order

Ihsan A. Salman

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2013, Volume 2, Issue 7, Pages 348-383

When every society incoming into static and solid situation which dominated by old type of thought and cultural system and decomposed shape of relation ,by then passing this backward situation become the historical and essential necessity, but the passing didn’t achieve its real guidance --- modernity or novelty --- unless when this process took radical direct and trend this is which identified it by the philosophy thought in((modernity))concept. Thus the modernity is consisting in the process of breaking off or alienation with the rugged and backward past and this don’t be achieved except when it should be a companion with it the continuance process, thus it could be saying that the political modernity consisting of the process of erasure and wiping off the social—political existent constitution, ideas and relationship which the time passed on it in which the new development don’t or can not assimilation it.
Thus and in the reason of the preparation of the social and economic--political circumstance in the eighteenth and nineteenth century of West—European development in which bring in forth the bourgeoisie class whom entering the warming and hardly straggle against the feudal and conservative faction whom find in the theories and ideas that raised by the political modernity that gleam lamp and source for it disputed . In really the cooperation process between this class dispute and the political modernity don’t remain in this border or extremity, verily the ideational tendency of this class --- or the political liberalism --- had benefit from its important ideational elements of political modernity in its his new political system building process, that’s through what this modernity had bearded and carried with him of deep and serious contribution for more conception which created the main or essential element and its components to that system building process such as -- the democracy, popular sovereignty, individual liberty and the secularism …--- .
This search as an academic attempt had making with this subject as a chief axis, aimed through adopting the science basis to reaching the fact and reality for that essential contribution of the political modernity in the building and developing process to the liberal political system .