Keywords : Military Employee

Disciplinary System of the Military Employee


Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2015, Volume 4, Issue 12 part 1, Pages 240-278

Military discipline system is very important to help protect Iraqi Army standing especially recently. Absence of Military Service Law, forming a new army with all different unites, joining new unqualified commanders to this army who didn't use to be officers, all that resulted increasing of violations by the military service member (no matter what is his position with the army), whether if he is a soldier or an officer they all called Military Service Employees.
So for the specialty of military service as a service to the country beside being a civic service, and as sanctified service to the flag, and since the legislator writes special laws for it, we don't see in the libraries studies about this
subject which makes the issue harder.
Increasing of violations in military entities widely in new Iraqi Army needs solutions in legal frames, to give the opportunity to the stake holders to treat these violations by law, to achieve justice, and return military service concept as it was, because it's the most important element of the country (especially in third world).