Keywords : Iraqi civil law

Earn the right to act because of death An analytical study of the Iraqi civil law

Saleh Ahmed M. AL Lahibi

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2014, Volume 3, Issue 11, Pages 116-135

Research focuses on the problem of the very important show clear for workers in the practical field of law, I mean a lawyer, is that the Iraqi legislature talked about the right to dispose of the material in 1169, and then spoke about how to distribute the right to act in case of death, and adopted the rules of a different and very far from the Shariah phalanx such as the equal share of men and women, if they are in the same place, as well as disagreement share the husband and share the wife in the case of the death of one of them and leave the right behavior, so we tried through this research to focus on the assets of these rules where it came from and what is rooting its legal and the validity of what he went to him Iraqi legislator in it or not, and then we ended the recommendations that we find suitable for this topic .