Keywords : human organs

Criminal protection of human organs (comparative study)

yasir.M.Abd alla; Njwa.N.Jamal

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2016, Volume 5, Issue 17 part 1, Pages 415-458

Most punitive legislation has criminalized assaults located on the members of the human body to the fact that the attack on one of these members is an assault on the body as a whole , and to achieve this protection has this legislation surrounding the human body range of legal texts by criminalizing acts that represent the encroachment on his recovery , both of these actions led to inflict damage to the whole body or to detract from the benefit of some of its members .
In this sense, the idea of research on this subject to show the effectiveness of the criminal laws of the consecration of the criminal protection of human organs , and to highlight the extent of the need for societies to the new legal texts able to cope with emerging crimes , crimes sale of human organs and traded , which made members of the human body parts or commodity trading in the hands of criminal gangs .

Hence the choice of the subject of the criminal protection of human organs and stand on the position of the criminal laws , or whether the Arab Bank in the face of trafficking in human organs , and the extent of the protection guaranteed by the laws of human organs came. The results and recommendations at the end of the study based on what we deem necessary to contribute to the fight against this crime and the prosecution of offenders perhaps find their way into the light of God and reconcile ...