Keywords : Legal effects


Sheet Mustafa Khudhur Kakashin.

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2021, Volume 10, Issue issue 38 part 2, Pages 81-128

The strike has a long and ancient history that introduced civilizations and is recognized today, and passed through it through different stages between permissibility and prohibition, and many victims and disturbances occurred in the societies initiating it, as the last resort to which the worker sought in order to enjoy his rights, sometimes it was known as a political issue and another considered professional For a specific sect without the other, in order to reach recognition as a constitutional and legal right, provided that it is exercised with conditions and restrictions, to ensure the facility's functioning in providing its services to the public. There are two forms of strike, and there are types under them. The legitimate strike is that which is consistent with what the law permits and is consistent with public order and morals, while the other is the opposite and that its perpetrators are subjected to penal, financial and even administrative penalties. Terms similar to the strike: such as demonstrations, sit-ins, closures, civil disobedience, resisting tyranny, which can be considered an extension of the strike and part of its escalation stages, but by peaceful means, and all this when the administration does not respond to the demands of the strikers and is intransigent with it. The right to strike was stipulated in the constitutions and laws, as well as regional charters and international agreements in the middle of the last twentieth century, and workers began to exercise it, but it is within the framework of internal laws that regulate the right and conditions and restrictions for its exercise. However, these restrictions must not reach the point of prohibiting the right to strike completely And these legislations differ from one country to another. That the strike has effects, so the effects of the legitimate strike lie in the survival of the relationship between the employer and the worker, along with cutting their daily wages without being affected by the non-striking non-strikers. As for the effects of the unlawful strike, it is represented in the cessation of work and the harm to the employer and the beneficiaries of this work, and the resulting unrest as well as exposure It is subject to penalties and claims resulting from compensation to the employer for his damage as a result of the strike, not to mention that in the case of the strike in its two forms, It should not affect the facility’s continuity in providing its services, and the effects of the two images on the general social situation of the country, including political, economic and administrative, lead to a disturbance of those conditions and as a result this is reflected on the individual and society as a whole, which threatens disasters that may threaten him.

Legal effects of corporate division (Comparative study) (Mstal)

Shemai.F.ALnauamiy; Ajead.TH.Aludlamy

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2017, Volume 6, Issue 23 part 2, Pages 115-181

Division is a legal operation aims at dividing the company in to parts, each one can develop in to a new company, or these parts can integrate with existing companies, thus putting an end to the divided company. The termination a not followed by settlement of the financial obligation and the economic project of the divided company. This is a special kind of termination , it is a legal termination but not a financial one . This is called ''early termination ''.
The idea of the divided company is found by the legislator in order to keep the company project and the related legal relationships as the transformation of the financial obligation of the divided company to the new existing one al though the financial obligation is divided into parks, Accordingly the general legal succession appears.
The legal succession provides a protection for the general guaranty of the debtors.
The legislations presented by the general legal succession supported the new company to fulfill all the financial obligations and responsibilities to the debtors, At the some time the succession guarantees the right of the debtors to objection if their rights are negatively effected by the division. The mile of joint liability of the companies is not strict and it can be ruled out. The new company is not responsible for the debts of the divided company but in relation to the trans formed responsibility.
The general succession of the companies which arise from division is followed by the remaining of some contracts effective especially those which have no personal considerations. But home social and economic effects in order to enforce the basis of trust and stability in commercial transaction. Finally, the idea of general succession encourages the partners and share hoders to transform from the divided companies to the new ones. And keep their old position and status .

Legal effects of criminal reform

Wan.A.Wan ismail; Rabah.A.Khaleefa

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2016, Volume 5, Issue 17 part 1, Pages 267-296


Bottom line, that the Criminal Magistrate is one of the most important means of non-judicial criminal case management, which would alleviate the burden on the judiciary, through what impact it has, is the passing of the general criminal case arising from the crime replaces Magistrate simplified and clear procedures lead to the separation speed of the without a way of criminal proceedings, in addition to what is left of this system on the other positive effects it is to absorb the response of social reaction to crime through financial compensation and bring the parties to the criminal case and to spare the accused Trucial stigma inherent in criminal conviction, but hide the economic impact of this system being relieves the accused expenses and expenses the lawsuit along with alleviating the burden of the economic state in this regard, at the same time can not ignore its role in reducing defects sanctions negative liberty of short duration. This tried researcher statement through three sections addressed in the first section the definition of criminal conciliation, Vttrq to mean the language and idiomatically, while singled out the second part, to demonstrate the impact of the Criminal Magistrate on the criminal case, it handled this effect for the fate of the case as well as for their actions as well as a statement that impact for the edges along with the fate of the seized for the offense stuff, and devoted the third section of the impact of the Criminal Magistrate's a civil lawsuit, where the impact on the civil claim during the primary stage of the investigation, along with a statement that the impact on civil prosecution during the trial, as well as the extent of authoritative decision judge reconciliation, and in the finale Find The research noted the most important findings and recommendations reached by this study.