Keywords : a civil action A comparative study

Waive action or paper in a civil action A comparative study

Yaser.B.THanoon ALsabawy; Mohmad.R.Fasil

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2015, Volume 4, Issue 14 part 2, Pages 332-404

The choice of subject for a waiver or paper in the case lies in the formation of a general theory address this issue in terms of the definition and nature of discrimination for suspected from the situation and its effects.
As the Iraqi Civil Procedure Law and the laws of comparison addressed the topic in part was the uniqueness of his legislative regulation.
Also, the action, or the paper circulated as a means to ensure the substantive right, and lead to achieving justice, so the protection of the substantive right when a dispute about it and use adversaries to compromise, according to proceeded him, make him play an important role in social life and reassure in the hearts of their owners, otherwise would prevail chaos injustice and so it became necessary to overcome these difficulties by giving this issue the attention it deserves.