Keywords : the Contemporary Iraqi Society

The Barriers to Political Developments in the Contemporary Iraqi Society

Hamdan R- Mohammed

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2012, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 500-520

The consideration of the subject of political development in the Iraqi society became a necessity stemming from the results of pressure overburdening the Iraqi society, ranging from political anxiety that has started to affect the individuals' performances, their attachment to their country and their commitment to the laws and regulations that organize the social life. The course of this policy or experience as it appears requires revision and correction until it is put back on its correct course.
One of the most important tasks at this level is to determine the barriers that prevent the expansion of the process of political development in the Iraqi society while in the same time strengthen the foundations of the democratic structure and integrating the institutional and procedural aspects of democracy. The tasks stated above must be undertaken in order to support the democratic practice and enable it to reach its real potential. The problem confronting political development in the Iraqi society in our opinion is the level of integration of the Iraqi society that we regard as the most important problem that has encountered the consecutive Iraqi governments from the day the Iraqi state was established and still faces them today.