Keywords : Iraqi constitution in force

Relation of Governorate council to the Governor through Iraqi constitution in force-2005 and Governorate law not organized in the Territory No(21)-2008(Amended)

Ahmad.KH.Hamedi; Dyaa.A.Ali

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2017, Volume 6, Issue 23 part 1, Pages 121-150

The Iraqi constitution - 2005 in A/( 122 / III ) stipulated ( The governor, who elected by the provincial council considered the highest chief executive in the province, for the exercise of his powers authorized by the council ) this mean that there is a direct relationship and between the provincial council and the governor will exercise his powers authorized by the provincial council .
As the law governorates not organized in the territory of No. ( 21) for the year 2008 amended grant for each of the provincial council and governor of his powers , which derive from the law , and create the kind of relationship with each other to overlap some of their competence at the level of each administrative unit despite the fact that each point of competence specified by law , He gave each of the provincial council and the governor the authority exercised by an interview in the face of the other .
He also tried legislator in the Act put dividing lines between the terms of reference for the provincial council and the governor , in order to ensure the achievement of the desired end of them in the public interest that transcends any other considerations , so that working within one system which is development of local community .