Keywords : law of evidence


Salah Allaw Mohammed; Ahmed Sabah Ghadeer

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2021, Volume 10, Issue Issue 37 part 2, Pages 277-305

In light of information and communication revolution and the emergence of computer-mail that went all aspects of daily life in various countries around the world, it has required these developments at the level of e-commerce and electronic transactions, development and modernization of legislation in order to fit in with these developments, and find legal provisions to ensure take advantage of modern technical means in the conclusion of commercial transactions, where dealing Ag-mail problem authoritative and legal electronic bonds, and as a result, some countries have introduced legislation to legalize the probative value of those bonds or editors Alaketronah.olhma and found that the issue of research on this subject matters Almanmh.omma increases Ahmathaho nature of the physical extracts e-paid legal rules that used to deal with everything material For this research we dealt with in this subject through the definition of electronic bonds and statement terms and conditions, including the position of the Iraqi legislature, which it deemed authoritative authoritative bond equal to the regular proof.

The idea of the prosecution in the law of evidence (compared study)

Firat R.AL JAF

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2014, Volume 3, Issue 11, Pages 61-115

Each suit of two elements consist, first is the reality element, and the second is an element of law and the rule that proves the opponents in front of him, The liabilities are to prove the fact, this is the place of proof, which bear the burden done either law, the judge was spending his knowledge, he imposed the flag law, but of duty by virtue of his job that the law applies to the dispute before it, and he cannot refrain from arguing that the lack of a legal rule applied otherwise it commits the crime of denial of justice.
The fact that the judge knows the law is a common source of expression, which the judge is saying a lot, "the lawyer . Navigate my professor to learn the facts court of law, who is also" a source of the most forward of expression, "Give me actually give you the law.
Some scholars have met between fact and law in terms of the place of proof, and where to submit to the control of the Court of Cassation, the fact which is evidenced by opponents, the judge is not subject to the appreciation of the control the Court of Cassation, the law which applied by the judge with his knowledge, it is subject to the application of the control of this Court.