Keywords : Publishing

Court of Information and Publishing

Salah .A.Mohammed

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2018, Volume 7, Issue Issue 26 part 2, Pages 266-290

The Court of Publishing and Information Cases is a court competent to resolve disputes arising out of the right to expression by publishing and the media. Based on the principle of specialization in work, the Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq decided in July 2010 to form a court competent in the issues of publication and information, by his statement 81/s/a. On 11/7/2010 as this decision represents a new and important step taken by the Iraqi judiciary in responding to the developments and new needs witnessed by the Iraqi society, which witnessed a major expansion in the sector of journalism, media and publishing, which occurred a qualitative leap and quantity after the change that occurred in 2003, Therefore, in order to highlight the court of publishing and information cases, the study necessitated the division of the research into an introduction and four sections. The first section deals with the definition of the court of publishing and information cases, and in the second section the justifications for the establishment of the court of publishing and information cases. Dissemination, information, shortcomings and conclusion included the most important findings and recommendations.