Keywords : Legal protection of minority women

Legal protection of minority women from persecution A comparative study between the Iraqi constitution and international instruments

Muna.Y.Yako; Dlshad.H.Droesh

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2016, Volume 5, Issue 19 part 2, Pages 1-54

Iraq is not exception compared to neighboring countrie, in a historic repeat disturbance, tragedies and catastrophes that have occurred in recent times, but we believe that minorities in Iraq are in a very bad situation, and this case had reached to the stage, where it is necessary to call for the internationalization, especially in certain areas, such as those located between the Kurdistan region and the federal government.
We believe that the admitting that there are obstacles to peaceful coexistence is the first step to search for solutions, as well as we must confess that the Islamic jurisprudence and chauvinism were the main reasons for the worsening minority's condition is extremely important.
For the above-mentioned reasons we are expecting many unpleasant surprises, especially after the shameful acts committed by (ISIS) against women belonging to minorities, so we find that it's important to look at this topic as a subject to research, study and debates.