Keywords : companies

Civil liability arising from the mistakes of private airlines (Analytical legal study)

Zaid Riyadh Abdel-Zahra

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2021, Volume 10, Issue issue 39 part 2, Pages 400-422

The multiple and continuous needs have made the individual in different times think of filling these needs, sometimes by providing these needs directly from his external surroundings, and at other times by obtaining these needs from others, but the cultural and technical progress that life has witnessed in its many aspects Reducing the use of barter as a means of purchasing goods and services, especially after the emergence and circulation of money, which represented a successful method in transactions between individuals, and among these needs is the need for air transport that is currently handled by several companies, as air transport companies in all their forms have a great impact at the time. Present on public life in all its forms, whether economic or social for the individual, and some of these companies are owned by the private sector (civil aviation), and with the characteristics of these companies as belonging to the private sector, this does not mean that they are not subject to the provisions of civil liability of the air carrier, which entail certain errors We will deal with it within the topic of our research.


Radhwan Hashem Hamdoon

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2021, Volume 10, Issue issue 38 part 1, Pages 444-469

Due to the huge increase in acquisitions between the commercial companies on the local and international levels within the last two decades in response to what has been imposed and enormous and the occurrence of current global financial crisis which has created a state of necessity for creating large economic entities can compete to look for growth، profit and increase the flow of capital across the national borders of different countries. It was important to tackle the issue of acquisition of commercial companies through a legal perspective based on the method of analysis and verification by searching in the general provisions to identify the fact of acquisition in terms of its legal aspect، causes and its effects to find the difference between it and the similar legal systems to address some economic and legal problems faced by the companies in particular and economic projects in general after the different time stages . The regulatory authorities in the acquisition of companies have an important role، in monitoring the acquisition process، and the competence of these authorities to monitor and supervise the completion of acquisitions between companies، especially joint stock companies. These authorities are the ones that undertake supervision، control and follow-up to apply the rules and principles of acquisition from one company to another، and monitor the executive procedures to be followed when receiving a purchase order with the intention of acquisition from one company to another.