Keywords : the ratification of the contracts management

The authority of Parliament in the ratification of the contracts management

Ahmad Khurshid Hamidi

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2012, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 197-207

AbstractIf democracy means rule by the people, this is the people who manage its affairs directly and this is what was applied in ancient Greece when the number of citizens in one state does not exceed a few thousands, but today it has become difficult if not impossible, the application because of population increase enormous and increasing problems that need to be quick fixes, which was born the need to use the establishment of institutions of different disciplines with the task of running the country on behalf of the group, which resulted in the birth of the principle of separation of powers, and began the three authorities in the state (legislative, executive and judicial) to organize its affairs and carry out the tasks entrusted to it, in this way emerged the leading role of the legislative authority for being the basic reference and the crossing of citizens' rights and aspirations drive, the assignment of multiple tasks and multiple functions and become parliaments play a key role in solving the problems associated with society and its development through the adoption of projects that regulate the activity or the other or through the monitor its proper functioning and performance of various institutions in society, so that the parliaments strong arm of the community in order to establish good governance.The survival of the state and sustainability associated with the extent of the activities of the state and its effectiveness, antennae can state the task of conducting a events that preserve its existence and power to everyone and these events may be of the effects of a normal citizens or it affecting them in more than one side, especially some of the financial transactions, and for that this behavior up to the level of the challenges and achieve his goals required have been entrusted to the legislative authority of Parliament is the true expression of the will of the people and the desires may represent the financial activities of the conclusion of certain contracts as the executive branch and through the exercise of the functions assigned to it need to be the conclusion of many contracts, especially the so-called administrative contracts (for in order to facilitate the delivery of services to the community and its development, especially in the present day, where the expansion of government and increased the difficulties and problems facing society, which requires it to use with persons of the private sector (national or foreign) to participate in providing the best services, and based on this has been the assignment of important conclusion of contracts and implementation of executive power, except for a few decades, the important (and influential on the future of the national economy of the States as the condition for entering these contracts into effect the need to obtain the approval of Parliament, we have divided the study into two sections dealt with the first contracts for the loan year, while the second dealt with the concession contracts of public utilities .