Keywords : The relationship

The nature of the relationship between the Security Council and the International Criminal Court within the scope of referral and postponement of procedures

Taher Khalaf Salim

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2022, Volume 11, Issue issue 40 part 1, Pages 253-272

After the negotiating parties included the texts regulating the independence of the International Criminal Court and the articles specific to its relationship with international organizations in general and the United Nations in particular, it became necessary to determine the nature of that relationship between the executive organ of the United Nations, the Security Council, and the court, knowing that the nature of each is different from the other, as the Court is a body Judicial, while the Security Council is a political body, although there is a qualitative rapprochement between them in that the main purpose of each is to maintain international peace and security. A hypothesis arises within the scope of the study that the relationship between the court and the council according to the articles of the system is one of subordination at one time and one of control and mutual cooperation at other times. The court and the court and between the Security Council.