Keywords : legal protection


Saba Numan Rasheed Bilal Al-Weissi

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2020, Volume 9, Issue issue 33 part 2, Pages 160-212

The inevitable human transformations by human nature imposes a special character, as it lives in the human being in all life stages, where it starts and almost ends, each of them has characteristics and features. Thus, there are two stages in which a lot of positivity and hope for life, development and coexistence with the others but it is almost consistent with body weakness the in the last stage of life, fear and anxiety about the end and the lose of social security.If a person works in order to serve his community in the first and middle of his life, then his society must meet this action with a similar commitment in the last stage of it, even though one of the foundations of social protection is the relationships of individuals among themselves according to the standards of sound education and automatic moral commitment within the original nucleus of society (Family), however, that life may not go in line with individual and family planning, which highlights the state’s role in protecting its children from workers upon reaching an advanced age through the proper application of legislation and positive reform in accordance with social and economic changes for the general population and for retired individuals, especially with regard to achieving a dignified late life. Regarding the importance of the foregoing, it was necessary to discuss the topic of ((legal protection for elderly workers)) by stopping at what the concept of (elderly) and the changes associated with the stage they are going through, clarifying their needs, and then finding out the legal rights of elderly workers. These rights are in accordance with the international standard, so that we will then move on to the most important treatment, which is the regulation of work and social security laws in force for the rights of the elderly, and then we determine several conclusions and recommendations.