Keywords : judiciary In federal systems

Basic constitutional guarantees for the independence of the judiciary In federal systems

Karwan .A. Brehary

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2015, Volume 4, Issue 12 part 2, Pages 103-140


This research includes judicial oversight in federal countries that took them, have proved to be effective and large efficiency in the protection of the federal state system, ensuring the control accuracy application Distributed terms of reference between the branches of power at the federal level, as well as between the federal government their authorities and between States -aloqalim- in the Constitution Fed, in addition to its substantial role in the protection of the rights and freedoms of abuse by federal laws, or state laws, and judicial control in the federal states have proven to be always one of the leading solutions to ensure the sovereignty of the Federal Constitution, especially in those countries where arises Find ways Legal to ensure to ensure the subordination of the various state authorities, including the legislature to the rules of the Constitution and its limits, but on the condition that the constitutional document to eliminate the constitutional role can be granted in the scope and guarantees that the result is important and dangerous role assigned to it.