Keywords : At least the base followed

At least the base followed in most civil law


Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2015, Volume 4, Issue 14 part 2, Pages 444-481


Although the Iraqi civil law and the laws of comparison did not know at least the base followed the most, but he can this rule be defined as when the adhesion of two things owned by different owners, the owner of the most valuable thing has other thing after paying its value to the owner and acquisitions will be provided by law and under this rule as the reason of the reasons for gaining property, but it must be sticking spend "and deal" in good faith and that there is not an agreement between the owners of two things on the adhesion and be the integration of the two things are can not be separated from each other without harm or damage and one of two things will be more valuable than the other, as that legislation Civil comparison differed in connection with the adoption of this rule, the mismatch of states directly and explicitly to this general rule of civil such as the law of the Iraqi unlike the Egyptian Civil Code and the French, as there are many legislative applications concerning this rule section of this rule section of these applications cited by al-Shara in scope Movable section and the other in the real estate domain .