Keywords : The concept of justice

The concept of justice in contemporary liberal theory (Study in the Libertarian direction)

Ahsan .A.Alnaaib

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2018, Volume 7, Issue Issue 26 part 1, Pages 220-268

Our research deals with the subject (the concept of justice in contemporary Liberal theory: A study in the Libertarian direction), one of the most critical and fundamental concepts in moral and politics philosophy that ran human thought since ancient times to the present day. As the concept of justice has not made up once, but has seen phases of the tides towards the development and perfection, and took a long history of thinking and meditation and experiences and the development of the concept gradually with the development of political thought and political theories, it interested in thinkers and philosophers as a basic virtue and valuable of the core is its impact on the lives of individuals and groups. Wondering about the best types of life and better able to strengthen political system. And all those efforts formed in the seventieth of the last century, the subject of controversial and widely discussed on the concept of justice as one of the most influential attempt to restore the moral section to a solid political theory (any rethink freedom and equality issues in contemporary societies).