Keywords : Political role

Political Role of The Israeli Military Institution

Hafaa .R.Hasn

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2015, Volume 4, Issue 13, Pages 378-496

The establishment of the Zionist state by force of arms, who is making and still from the military and senior military commanders most important crew in Israel Which was established on the basis of bringing huge numbers of Diaspora Jews and resettlement and housed in Palestine after the displacement of the indigenous population , Since then, the gangs and leaders of terrorist organization had to be the main role to prelude the state and form national security objective of the most prominent of the state after had hold .
Because the state has a strategy on the concept of expansion, it was natural that the army and its military leadership tool for achieving the expansionist goals and harness a policy according to the direction of the military institution.
The army has generally three basic advantages not enjoyed by any other social institution, a strict regulation and havingarms force and military equipment at their disposal in accordance with law so that they have high prestige .
Israeli model Is a Unique and very special in the contribution of the military establishment in the management of state policy where the overlap between the army and the state .
Army is the state and the state is the army, where imposes geostrategic human limitations of the situation and the presence in hostility circle from home and abroad and ring states, and the Palestinian presence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, including imposing restrictions on the building and the organization and the use of military force in the form of limited permanent force and has large reserve force with high efficiency compared forces reservists in other armies, they also have the ability to strategic Military mobilization.