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Protecting the public employee's right to promotion

Badar. S.Hamada; Akbal. N.Daroish

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2018, Volume 7, Issue Issue 26 part 1, Pages 189-219

The employee is a person who is obliged to a permanent occupation within the governmental staff. This person is obliged to perform legal and limited duties within his occupation, conversely for these dutiess he deserves some rights including the promotion. The promotion is considered as a motivation for the employee to perform his duties properly, which means promote the employee from one stage into a higher one within the list of employee stages. To employees have this right, some conditions must meet them mentioned by the legislator in the civil service law numberd 24 in 1960 and the governmental employees salaries law and the public sector numbered 22 in 2008 amended . The importance of the promotion right demands some guarantees and what requires to follow the administrative and legal conditions and giving each employee his right of promotion, even if that requires appealing the administrative decision that related to the promotion. There are some reasons that prohibit the employee to be promoted when he received one of the disciplinary punishmwnts for investigation or sending him to a court for more inquires.