Keywords : Role of Public Prosecution

Role of Public Prosecution in Monitoring the Legitimacy of Decisions of Arrest and Arrest (Comparative Study)Mustal

Nozad.A. Alshwany; Suhad .R.Mubark

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2018, Volume 7, Issue Issue 26 part 2, Pages 156-187

Public prosecution is the mainstay of the judicial process, and its role can not be ignored or overlooked. This importance generally comes from the purpose for which it is found to protect (the public interest).The nature of the work and the scope of supervision over the legitimacy of the public prosecution are related to the type of system prevailing in the state. If the state is a socialist, it assigns various tasks with different aspects and gives it wide powers to control legality.In order to show the role of the public prosecution in monitoring the legality of the arrest and detention decisions, we discussed the definition of censorship and legality, as well as the monitoring of the legality of arrest and detention decisions.