Keywords : The Program of British government

The Program of British government and the European Union

Kamal .H. Adham

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2019, Volume 8, Issue issue 29 part 1, Pages 322-351

The wish of UK to withdraw from the EU belongs to the last decade of the past century when the executive authority work to estimate the laws of the UK in which it has hard to work in the kingdom especially in filed of emigration and the high rate of the financial participation of the UK in the financial interior to help some EU governments which UK see that rate is to high and in same way the signals of the government withdraw in the parliamentary elections of 2015 when the case of withdraw has discuss in the election case and in the second chapter the conservative government under the prime minister Theresa may had established to the referendum of exist from EU after reformed the government after have difference of votes from parliamentary election between 2010 and 2015. and in the second chapter is results of the agreement between UK and EU has many classes in the government and parliament and even in people of UK see the agreement not enough to achieve the interests of the people of the kingdom . third chapter the negotiation between UK and EU had the Brussels negotiation team got a agreement with the UK team and the UK agree with to bigan the exist to 2020. many case s of Scotland wish to leave UK and the unity of Ireland island . the referendum of withdraw of EU is maybe open the door for any people in the EU in the future to do the same way to leave EU. And the UK and EU want to getting useful partnership.