Keywords : Control the Constitutionality of Laws

The Role of the Constitutional Bloc in Extending the Reference of the Constitutional Judge to Control the Constitutionality of Laws

Sherzad .A. Al Najjar; Shallow . S. Abdulrahman

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2019, Volume 8, Issue issue 30 part 2, Pages 306-331

The constitutional rules are the primary reference for the control of the constitutionality of laws, but the reference of the constitutional judge in the present day has expanded and includes a set of rules and principles of constitutional value, This group of constitutional rules and principles create a constitutional group called the Constitutional Bloc, and the French Constitutional Councils has the great role in the formation and expansion of the constitutional bloc in general and in France in particular,Where he stressed through his jurisprudence on the constitutionality of many of the principles and rules contained in the French Declaration of Human Rights and the previous constitutions, and that this extension within the scope of reference of the constitutional judge was not limited to France only, but expanded the constitutional bloc in Egypt and Iraq, Where the principles of Islamic law and the principles of democracy have become a reference to the constitutional judge in Iraq when it controls the constitutionality of laws issued by the federal legislative authority.