Keywords : international contract

Civil Aspects On Technology Transfer Contract

Shaymaa. G. AL-azzawi

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2019, Volume 8, Issue issue 30 part 2, Pages 179-210

This paper discusses the Supposed correlation between word "civil contract" with its exact meaning of wills thread for making legal effect ,This threat with an economic phenomenonsuch as international tradec ontracts, which had the advantage of a Contracts Group or whatever label. These contracts often contain more than one contract in the pack, which listed as the "TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AGREEMENT", they also interfere with the parties to get out of both sides to multilateralism , putting this contracts in the face of civil contract, some of the Jurisprudence tried to impededthe advantages of civil contract on international trade contracts, despite the impossibility of symmetry between them, creating confusion in the interpretation and even the perception of the international trade contracts, this confusion is due to the basic theory underlying the civil law in tow-parties relationship on the one hand, and who is this party, and the lack of attention to the principle of free-will, which is seen as one of the effects of Rousseau that Exaggeration the strong party protect, albeit valid, some of these ideas in the civil laws (internal) are not valid in international trade contracts, and in particular the TTA , because its contracts based primarily on the transfer of knowledge, which is the most important pillars of material force in this day and age