Nada .Z. Al-Fil; Rayan. H. Hamdoun

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2019, Volume 8, Issue issue 31 part 1, Pages 139-175

In the final stage of trading stocks between investors, some problems may arise at one of the procedural stages to settle market operations, disputes that occur regarding stocks do not fall under an inventory, some arise between the Capital Market Authority and its dealers, others erupt among the members of the market themselves, or between them and the dealers, it is rare for disputes between dealers to occur with each other, each one of them knows only the stock broker who assigned him the process of buying and selling, so the dispute that arises about the delivery of sold stocks or the fulfillment of their price, or the integrity of the stocks subject to the deal between the investor and the broker or intermediaries between themselves. These disputes in all of their forms must be settled either by the judiciary or by alternative means to settle disputes in the stock market, up to the final settlement of the stock market operations, so we will try in this research to shed light on the role of judiciary in settling the stock market disputes in the first demand while The second is to talk about the role of friendly means in settling stock market disputes. Finally we will talk in the third request about the role of arbitration in settling stock market disputes