Keywords : Inflict a child


Ammar s. al-Mashhadani; Nasser A. Mustafa

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2020, Volume 9, Issue issue 34 part 2, Pages 351-379

The scientific development has led to the appearance of recent means in proving lineage not known before, including histocompatibility called DNA, where the accuracy of such a test reaches 99,9% in matters relating to lineage proof, whereas it reaches 100% in matters relating to lineage negation. What is prescribed by sharia is that if a wife has a six-month child or above that ago from the time she is with her husband, then the child shall be registered to be lineally the son of the wife's husband without resorting to action or testimony on the part of the husband Legally speaking, personal status law has not provided for recent means of proving lineage, including histocompatibility, yat art. 104 of law of evidence has deemed it to be a judicial presumption assisting a judge in setting action. As for the judicial attitude, it has not settled on a fixed trend concerning lineage denial if a child is not affiliated with others. However, it decides on lineage denial in accordance with this test if there is no litigation and all parties have attested to that.