Keywords : Institutionalization – Authority – Executive


Nawras Ahmed Kazem Al Mousawi

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2021, Volume 10, Issue issue 39 part 2, Pages 266-295

The establishment of the state of institutions is the only guarantor that enables the executive authority to assimilate society and mobilize or employ it in the service of the goals of the state and society, and then end the foundations of discrimination between its members. Accordingly, transforming relations and activities into institutional or institutional relations and activities is the correct path towards a stable and balanced political system within the framework of institutions, and towards a sound building of power. This reveals the paths to building the executive authority and identifies deficiencies in order to overcome them in the future, in order to build stable institutions.The constitutional organization of the executive authority as one of the constitutional institutions is of utmost importance for any country that seeks political stability, and maintains the balance of the relationship between the authorities in it, hence the importance of our study of the issue. In light of the above, we decided to discuss this through two topics preceded by an introduction: In the first topic we deal with the concept of executive power and its institutionalization, while in the second topic we are alone for organizing the executive authority in political systems, and we will conclude this study with a conclusion that includes the most important conclusions that we will reach, and a set of proposals We put it in the hands of those concerned with it.