Keywords : Evidence of the administrative contract

Conditions for proving the electronic administrative contract and the position of legal systems for evidence

Raed Awfi Hussein

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2022, Volume 11, Issue issue 40 part 2, Pages 309-331

The Internet is no longer just a means of transmitting data and correspondence only, but it has become a wide place for concluding contracts in various forms. The conclusion of contracts raises some legal problems, the most important of which is the problem of proof and what are the conditions to be met and the position of legal systems related to proof, where the scientific importance is that it aims to formulate a general theory By proving electronic administrative contracts Where the scientific importance is that it aims to formulate a general theory by proving electronic administrative contracts, while we have presented the conditions and requirements that must be met in contracts and electronic documents in order for them to be proof evidence. We have also presented the position of comparative legal systems. The organization of the evidentiary rules in order to suit the nature of the electronic document, while most of the legislations recognized electronic writing Iraqi legislator to organize the question of electronic preservation in a safe manner for all electronic documents Finally, we suggest that the Iraqi legislator issue a legislative regulation for coding that defines the rules governing the use of encryption means and