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Solitary embargo from the perspective of international law


Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2017, Volume 6, Issue 20 part 2, Pages 1-54


The embargo solitary is one of the most important topics which began to focus on it especially after the Cold War ended, which disturb the international relations, down to cases of violation or threat of international peace and security, as well as the damage caused humanity and economic, and breach of the purposes and Principles of The United Nations treaties and all the decisions in relative, the define of the concept of embargo many difficulties, due to the overlap ideas economically, legally, and politically, which means the embargo is the prevention of exporting lagan and services to the country in order to achieve certain goals whatever its nature, this is a narrow concept likely accordingly. As the embargo solitary did not receive any degree of legitimacy, because of its violation of the judge the Principles of The United Nations, and treaties and the relevant resolutions, the principle of free trade. The applications most obvious in international relations, is the American embargo on Cuba, Syria and embargo of EU on Syria