Keywords : Control of the Administrative Court

Control of the Administrative Court and the Supreme Federal Court on administrative regulatory decision

Ahmed K.Hamede; Senem S.Mohammed

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2014, Volume 3, Issue 11, Pages 553-604

Until nearby time, Iraq was did not knew the principle of the seventh chapter by its right meaning, and this made effect on the legal organizing approach, especially the administrative judging.
The used terms in legalizing was un-accurate, e.g. the term system have many meanings and different guides, and its uses could be mixes by its legal meaning and by that happens mixing and un-clarity, also in this matter were related instructions and the legislator whom has mixed between the system and law in many times, while it has been used the system as synonym for the law and did not used it by its known concept of in administrative law, and constructing of legal administrative court came disappointed into the desires, because it is did not actualized the purpose which established for it, because this court limited its specialty in individual administrative decisions and could not view on objections which introduce against the organized administrative decisions without depending on any legal ground.
the valid charter came for limiting the specialty of the higher federal court by watching on systems in the law while includes limited general rules, and for that situation, it has been introduced some suggestions about controlling the court of law administrative on organized administrative decisions which we mentioned it in our research, and by this research we have made some conclusions and suggestions, we hope to be viewed.