Keywords : public administration


Firas Adel Turki; Harith Adeeb Ibrahim

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2021, Volume 10, Issue issue 39 part 2, Pages 620-643

The exacerbation of the phenomenon of administrative corruption and its widespread spread in various sectors, especially within state institutions, such as ministries, departments and others, and the devastating and dangerous effects that it has, threatening security, obstructing the economy and violating the rights of individuals, necessitated the concerned authorities to find effective means to curb this phenomenon, hence the importance of Clarify the role of management information systems and their uses in enhancing measures to combat this deadly phenomenon or reduce its effects, even at a reasonable rate. Administrative systems represent a major source in various work activities from the use of modern software to follow up on cases of administrative corruption, and they play a major role in achieving the goal and purpose of the institution if used correctly and correctly, and provide them with the required support from the management of the institution and the appropriate environment for the application and then have the role Effective strategy in achieving success and achieving the goal for which it was allocated, which is the fight against administrative corruption. Also, management information systems are an important focus for the organization, through which internal and external data are collected that arise from the institution’s practice of its various works, address problems and violations, and provide oversight over them in decision-making, and management information systems provide accurate information on performance standards for each job and the level of individual performance, or the work team. Therefore, it is necessary to review comprehensively and completely the legislative system in Iraq in a way that is more in line with the requirements of modern management and technological progress that covered most aspects of life, and in a way that is more in tune with the application of management information systems. In addition to the need to enhance awareness within the institution and all its levels of the importance of management information systems through seminars and technical workshops held by the institution, as well as in order for this system to work and achieve the goals for which it was designated, it should allocate specialized employees with expertise and information backgrounds, as well as providing devices Modern and sophisticated in order to perform the purpose in the best way and the best results. It is also necessary to activate the role of media institutions in state departments in publishing the activities and works of the institution under the management information system.