Keywords : Negotiations

The role will Streptococcus in the stage of negotiations


Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2016, Volume 5, Issue 16, Pages 596-629

Negotiations arise as a result of the desire of the parties in the contract, and this desire is derived from the will of the negotiating parties, where the negotiating parties attempts are being made to reach a mutual understanding between the two parties to stand each other on the willingness of each party to accept the terms of the other party.
We see that the will of a key role in the contractual negotiations, as the negotiations go will arise when one of the parties to engage in order to reach the final result of negotiations, a contract planned.
The role will also emerge when the directed the will of a people to call to create a contract or any legal act, and draws the will of was invited to accept this invitation and enter into negotiations, and as the negotiations subject to the principle of freedom of contract, they occur with the consent of the parties and their will and without any coercion or force, the will of free individuals to enter into negotiations or not to enter it, and the free will to withdraw from the negotiations (on the condition not to harm the other party).
Also means or formula followed by the negotiators in the negotiations does not abide by following a certain way, free will is that these negotiations take place directly through Almchaffhh or word or can be conducted through the exchange of correspondence, messages or correspondence, or any way determined by the will of the negotiating parties.
The bottom line that he could tell that the will of the leading role in the negotiations since the intention and the will to engage in these negotiations and the period that the negotiation be there until the end of the negotiations, either the failure of these negotiations or the conclusion of the final contract, a goal that went to the will when they enter negotiations.