Keywords : protecting the environment

Setting administrative role in protecting the environment

Zainab K Sawadi Daoudi

Journal of college of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, 2013, Volume 2, Issue 4, Pages 345-397

Praise be to Allah, prayers and peace be upon the Messengers, and his family Almentajabin, after not interesting legislator environment attention to an emergency or a novel, but is interesting as old as the modern state has become clear emergence of administrative law after the separation of powers After that crystallized the features of the executive branch بوجهیها administrative and government One of the commitments that were thrown upon themselves to attention to public health as one of the elements of public order, but without having that interest entitled Pather environmental pollution on public health, despite the advancement of Governments instrumental in the fight against common diseases at the time such as malaria, cholera and other deadly epidemics due to lack of human intervention in appearance as the cause major, but the acceleration of industrial and technical make causing environmental pollution, making governments stand over equation one edges of society and other product technologies and user Between the right of society to live in a healthy environment and the individual's right to work and own property had to be the foundations and rules limiting one two rights for the benefit of others pursuant to pay detriments first base to bring benefits.
It is also the time who became the subject of the environment affair internationally, given that many of the causes of pollution and its effects are a cross-border Kalgazat and marine waste and many others, making it difficult confined within a regional and despite the fact that a lot of the components of the international community are still calling for sovereignty absolute state on its territory and what is happening in it from activities at different levels, but the concept of absolute sovereignty receded in front of transboundary environmental damage was on the national administrations or the executive authorities of the States to pay attention to this matter so that the state does not take over the responsibility of the international community for polluting the environment or shorten the mistake of internal authorities.
From here, we found the need to search for the role of the national administration in protecting the environment, being responsible for maintaining public order بعناصره known (public security, public health and public order), and if the effect of environmental pollution visible on public health, the relationship of pollution security comes through the prescribed environmental security which forms an integral part of the overall security system, including join it from a variety of elements, notably, economic security, social security, food security, information security and a lot of elements that related to the tranquility of society in different ways.